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We are light - 21/12/2020 solstice

Winter. Cold. Dark. Everything slows down.

Time to find warmth and light within. I have created a video honouring the eternal light in us. I hope it helps to remind you that we are God-alike, and we emanate light.

I have had always trouble accepting this part of the year. I was born in Summer, I have a lot of fire inside me and Summer and Spring and generally warm and buzzing periods are my comfort zones. I have always struggled with winter depression. I felt cold, closed inside, lacking nature, movement and buzz of life. What am I supposed to do with 4 pm sunsets, having still 6 hours of the day which do not seem like an afternoon, but like an endless evening?

The winter solstice is an ancient pagan holiday known for rituals and traditions that celebrate nature and setting one’s intentions for the coming season.

Connecting to nature's cyclical patterns and wisdoms have helped me immensely in the past years. I started making rituals every full moon, and generally started tracking the moon cycle more. With this came the need to track my female cycle and observe how I actually flow with my body. I have started celebrating solstices and bigger astronomical events.

Winter Solstice is all about the preparation before it for me. It is about this period of December, where I draw my attention inside. I do not push myself, I do not expect too much of myself, I just let my mind wander through the memories of this year. I think about what qualities and materia I would like to keep, and what would be best to let go. I am preparing, to be honest from Halloween on to go into my underworld. I tend to have stronger and scarier dreams in November. In December I lose a lot of energy. I feel slow and hazy. I let myself sleep more. I also need much more and more potent food than in summer.

This year, in big part owing to wonderful Covid and regulations, I really managed to slow down. I enjoyed movies, good books and just cooking at home. And creative processes, for which I am too much all over the place during the year. This and several other videos are in part fruits of this process.

I have been thinking for weeks, with a great anticipation, how joyous it will be to be past the longest night of the year. From this moment on, the days get longer, and this fills my heart with joy and I feel relieved. It is like in this darkest moments, we really need to find the strongest of our hopes... a hope that the sun will rise the day after. The sun will warm us longer. The flowers will blossom. Life will be better. We can be happier and more in harmony.

May love bless us all!

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