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Death of Fears - Catrina dancing in snow

Death. It will be soon one year since our life has changed.

Change is death, death is change.

Life as we know, as we had known has died.

Some of us have lost jobs, money, loved ones, and all of us have been deprived in some way or another of freedom and communal joy.

However, when you lose, you also find.

We found Death again. Death of species, death of planets, death of ideas, death of tiny things which seemed so ordinary and banal (like giving a hug) and now we are longing for them with a strange nostalgia. Maybe it is the era of death of illusions?

We had 12 long months to look at life in the mirror of death. Do we want to frame this mirror with fear or love? Do we want to watch life in a rear view mirror or maybe it is time to turn our face on the road, the journey ahead of us.

Life goes on, and will always, with death dotting its way and death expecting us at the end of our journey. It is the ultimate goal we are all heading for. Same, same but different for everyone.

Why not decorate it with flowers like the Mexican Catrina, believing in life after death. Our children, future generations, the plants, the Sun, they all keep on living after you. Energy never disappears, only transforms, and your Soul, our Soul, this driving life force will manifest into another form. It is an energy always finding new shapes.

There is so much beauty even in death. The flowers, the love, loss and pain only make you taste what matters most.

I have always been fascinated with the Mexican Day of the Dead, el Dia de los Muertos. Ever since I have first seen those people painted as skeletons, dressed in colours and flowers, it resonated with me deeply. In my cultural upbringing, death is sad, and celebrating the dead and death is unheard of. We would just go to the cemetery together in silence and everybody could remember the ancestors and loved ones in silence.

Not the Mexicans. They have a wide arrange of celebrations, decorations and way of mocking at death. Dance with Death, embrace Death, make fun of Death, enjoy life until Death comes.

Let us burn our fears. Every day ignite your fire and burn one more day, transforming.

If you understand death, and embrace it every day, then we can celebrate every moment we live.

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