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fire ceremonies and rituals

One of my callings is to bring back the magic and sacrality into our lives through rituals and ceremonies. Dance, and especially dancing with fire is a ritual. It can be considered a show but there is another way of interpreting it.


Connecting with the element which is one of the symbols of human awareness and that of rising above the animal kingdom. It is a symbol for something ending and a new beginning, fire burns everything and all just becomes ash. Symbol of rage and Hindu Goddess Kali, it is a destroying force which when applied with the right intention, helps to raise our consciousness. It is change in itself, one of the most fascinating elements here on our Planet.

Humanity has for ages gathered around fire, to prepare nourishments, provide our bodies with the necessary warmth and just to be together in community. Gazing the dancing flames and letting our thoughts run is definitely better than any digital screen programme. I wish to bring back the magic of fire into our lives and in this way I am sure we will connect more with nature around us.

I am Susana or Zsuzsa in Hungarian.

I am a fire dance and flow arts performer.

I perform mostly in Mallorca, Spain and Hungary. 

Movement and magic is my passion.

I dance to remind people of the magic of life.

I offer tailor made performances or rituals for events,

private parties, festivals, weddings or any other occasion where such a show might cheer up the mood.

I also do spiritual fire dance rituals for retreats, private spiritual events or wherever there is a need for a fire ritual.

I am practitioner and teacher of yoga and pranayama (breath control).

Our body is the biggest magic, so I love to teach flow arts, juggling, yoga or any kind of joyous movement.





tailor made for your event

I offer tailor made dances and rituals for spiritual events (yoga retreat, meditation circle etc.)

private parties, birthdays, festivals, weddings or any other occasion where such a ceremony can cheer up the mood, make us more connected and lift our spirits.

​​Every dance invites a different archetype or spirit or element, or we can call it on thousand of names. On a party or a wedding, fire dance is more of a show, spreading energy, passion and happiness while on smaller, more spiritual gatherings it can take a very refined ceremonial form.

Every ritual has an element of improvisation, an openness to let happen what has to happen.

Apart from fire dances, rituals can be created with led flow art tools, silk veil fans.

spreading the joy of juggling and flow arts

Dancing with objects and juggling/flow arts has literally changed my life. It has so many benefits from the physical exercise part to through the joy and flow experienced while doing it to the re-wiring of your neurons and harmonizing between your two brain hemispheres. It is just amazing. What is more, the fact of having always a new challenge ahead (a new trick to learn) teaches you focus and the attitude to take life step by step. You also have to deal with failure, because of course you are going to mess the trick up and some tricks are just hard to get. Who cares? We just keep practicing. This is a priceless approach which we can implement to life. To take things with a light heart and enjoy the process.

Flow arts is so much more than just throwing some balls and showing off a few tricks. It is a way of flowing with life.

My mission is to teach flow arts, and movements with objects to as many people as possible and spread the awareness and joy this movement practice brings to the world.


teaching yoga and body and mind awareness practices

I have been a practitioner of yoga and pranayama (breath control) for 15 years. I am fascinated with spirituality since I was a child (in spite of (?) my parents being scientists) and with the wisdom and joy the body can bring. I have dived into many schools from tantra through zen buddhism to many somatic practices. I enjoy almost all kinds of sports (from jogging, through climbing and cycling to juggling) and I am committed to a sustainable life on Earth. I love sustainability household and lifestyle practices but sustainability starts also within ourselves. Our body is our temple. The soul is the driver of our actions, the mind our supercomputer and the body carries out the actions. We better take care of all three.

I had for a long time felt a bit weird of not sticking with any specific sport, yoga school or spiritual practice, however this richness gives me a great overview of a lot of things in this field and I see the connecting points, and I have gathered many experiences.
I see that while one method works for a few years, after a while another one serves me better. I have seen how different practices fit differently with different people. Life is constant change, we are in constant change, so why should our practices not change?

Zen meditation has shown me the nature of the mind and that it IS possible to learn to dominate it. Butoh dance showed me how to set our EGOs aside, and let spirits speak through us and embody meaning. Tantra is a way of embracing our physical manifestation and seek for pure pleasure with love. Gratitude and desire practices are a very practical way to maintain ourselves in a happy, peaceful and productive mindset, in a high vibration so to say.


Yoga has given me stability, elasticity, tranquility and stamina. It has cured my back pains from teenager years. It has taught me bravery and also patience with my body. Actually loving my body. In the first years I was just focused on how much I am not flexible until I understood how much i am not understanding the real deal.

Yoga has taught me also how yoga asana practices can vary in style, having almost endless options. The several minute sustained poses of my tantra yoga practice with closed eyes, focusing on energies in the body is a far cry in form from a dynamic Ashtanga yoga class, where we breathe heavily and every 5 breaths we flow from one asana (body posture) to another. Yoga has also taught me that body movement os never only body movement, but it is energy flowing, it is about where the mind is, it is about connecting with the breath. It is also an attitude to our body, personality and our whole life.

Yoga is a way of life on the long run where you embrace a path of becoming a better person. Loving yourself more, living more sustainable and ecologic, more in harmony with your surroundings. Minding your thoughts and emotions more, speaking more kind words. Cleaning your body and home in an efficient way. It can be inserted into any life circumstances and can bring you lot of joy and stability.

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